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Expanding College and Career Readiness

Stacey believes deeply that every TPS student should be fully prepared to thrive in college, career, and life. This requires our public education system to set student-centered academic and social-emotional targets, implement these strategic plans, and reflect on and adjust the goals as needed to ensure success. Stacey will work tirelessly to ensure our students are prepared for high school and beyond. 


Stacey believes that students have a fundamental right to learn to read and that almost all students can when given the proper tools. This means Tulsa Public Schools must outachieve national literacy rates, and Stacey believes that, with the cooperation of state lawmakers, TPS can do just that. Based on the current strategic plan, Pathways to Success, TPS educators are participating in regular, continuing development based on the science of reading. Stacey believes that only when our board is truly focused on student outcomes and empowers administrators to do the same will our educators and students reach their goals. 

Engaging Parents and Families

Stacey knows that our schools belong to the community, and our school board needs to be responsive to the needs of Tulsa Public School students, parents, and teachers. Stacey believes that her job is to amplify the voices of TPS and work towards progress for all families. As a public servant, she has dedicated herself to responding to the needs of her constituents.

Supporting Our Teachers

Stacey has seen our teachers work tirelessly to educate our students and knows we can do more to ensure every student has access to high-quality instruction. She knows that TPS must tailor training to support each teacher’s individual growth, empower teachers to create more opportunities for leadership, and focus on teacher recruitment to increase teacher diversity so that our classroom teachers reflect the communities they serve.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our budget is a reflection of our values. Equitable funding requires the District to intentionally distribute additional funding to our high and highest-need schools to address historic funding inequities. 

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