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Fighting for What We Believe In. Together.

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Stacey is a proud mother of five, with two young adults and three children currently enrolled in Tulsa Public Schools. She is a dedicated and passionate parent focused on working with everyone to provide an exceptional and free public education to all students, regardless of demographics. Stacey believes that it is incumbent upon both the state and local level government to ensure that all students are empowered to reach their fullest potential through public instruction - and that when this potential is realized, our students will become thriving and contributing members of the greater Tulsa community. As the TPS School Board President, Stacey has worked diligently to give parents, teachers, and students a seat at the table. She is prepared to continue dedicating her days to the task of listening and advocating for the families of District 1 and all of TPS.


Stacey holds an Oklahoma teaching certificate and works as a speech pathologist and dyslexia interventionist. She is a strong education advocate and served as PTA president. Stacey’s primary goal as a board member is to give a voice to the families of Tulsa Public Schools. Since first running in 2019, she has kept her promise of listening to, communicating with, and involving the people of District 1 and representing them by voting for their best interests.

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